Archtop Acoustic/Electric

The archtop is an “X” braced traditional instrument, descendent from the D’Angelico school of instruments. It features a hand carved and graduated top and back. In most cases the back is bigleaf maple. Tops are either Sitka spruce or Englemann spruce. Necks are constructed from matching maple and feature the same quality construction method detailed for the semi-hollow type.

They are built with F-holes are available in traditional or modern shape and several peghead designs are also offered, which are bound in wood. Scale length, inlay, body depth, pickups and finish are all arranged to achieve a particular performance goal. Hardware is the best available quality and tailpiece is ebony and graphite. Single cutaway is standard; binding is plastic or wood. Pickguard, bridge and fingerboard are ebony. Please note that all orders are subject to a 10% cancellation fee.

There are two predominant models of archtop; the Monterey and the Homage. The Monterey features a cascade type peghead design and the Homage which has a peghead design that resembles a D’Angelico.